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Next Hindi Proficiency examinations September 5, 2017 (See Proficiency Tab for more details and other languages)

HNDI 201: Elementary Hindi I

HNDI 201 (Fall Semester only) is the beginner's level Hindi course. The aim of the course is to enable the student to acquire the major language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing in Hindi. Standard text materials, course packet prepared by the Instructor (s), and instructional and authentic materials available on internet are used with equal emphasis on spoken and written Hindi. The structure and conversations will be presented in a variety of authentic contexts of Hindi. Training in spoken Hindi emphasizes speaking and listening at normal speed with near-native pronunciation and intonation.

IMPORTANT: Students with prior knowledge of Hindi are strongly encouraged and advised to take either HNDI 403, HNDI 404, HNDI 405, HNDI 406, or HNDI 412 (see the Hindi Program Director for help in placing into an appropriate level class or for fulfilling the language requirement through the Proficiency Exam).

HNDI 202: Elementary Hindi II

HNDI 202 (Spring Semester only) is a continuation course of HNDI 201. In this course, students continue to develop basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) while becoming familiar with the aspects of the cultural contexts and common discourse patterns of Hindi-Urdu. The course is designed to make students competent in appropriately using the basic structures and vocabulary of Hindi-Urdu in all basic social situations. Students are introduced to different varieties of Hindi through films and online textual and audio-visual material.

IMPORTANT: Students with prior knowledge of Hindi are strongly encouraged and advised to take either HNDI 403, HNDI 404, HNDI 405, HNDI 406, or HNDI 412 (see the Hindi Program Director for help in placing into an appropriate level class or for fulfilling the language requirement through the Proficiency Exam).

HNDI 403 (Fall Semester only) and HNDI 404 (Spring Semester only): Intermediate Hindi I and II

The major objectives of this course are: (a) to train students to contextualize their grammar skills which they have acquired in their first two semesters of instruction (i.e., students will be required and encouraged to use the grammatical patterns learnt in both spoken and written contexts with ease, accuracy, and fluency), (b) to introduce students to the higher level of the structural complexity of Hindi so that they can develop competence in the comprehension of Hindi texts selected from a variety of genres, (c) to familiarize students with important socio-cultural conventions and practices which are vital both for internalizing language skills and for successfully participating in interpersonal communicative events, and, (d) to train and encourage students to think in Hindi through creative writing. At the end of the instructional period, students are expected to develop competence in comprehension of simple literary texts, carry out conversations in various social situations, and express their views on topics of interest in contemporary standard Hindi idiom.

HNDI 405 (Fall Semester only) and HNDI 406 (Spring Semester only): Advanced Hindi I and II

The course will introduce students to authentic literary texts (short stories, essays, poems, satirical writing etc.) and discourse structures mostly of Modern Standard Hindi and occasionally of medieval Hindi. The course will also focus on the idiomatic structures, patterns, and uses of Hindi in a broad variety of registers, styles, and genres, especially the language and cultural content of contemporary (post globalization) Hindi films, popular television shows, and online print media. The course will help students acquire knowledge of some of the most productive processes of word formation in Hindi, and special vocabulary items related to various topics and aspects of culture.

HNDI 408: Introduction to Hindi Literature

Instructor: Mithilesh Mishra

Objective: The course seeks to provide a broad and comprehensive survey of Hindi literature by presenting and discussing sample texts representing various historical periods (early through contemporary), themes and trends. The texts selected may be in Hindi (or its sisterly languages, Braj, Awadhi, etc.) or an equivalent English translation or both, depending on the linguistic repertoire of the students enrolled in this course.

Reading Material: A set of required readings will be posted on Compass. Even when a Hindi text may be present through its English translation, the original Hindi version would always be available for those who proficient in Hindi.

Course requirements:

  1. Four short class presentations (based on the readings): 30 %
  2. Two papers (8-10 pages): 30 x 2 = 60 %
  3. Class participation: 10 %

Grading: The standard UIUC grading scale would be followed.

HNDI 412: Business Hindi

Instructor: Mithilesh Mishra

Email: mkmishra@illinois.edu

Tel: 244-1217

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday: 10-11 and/or by appointment

Location: 4037 FLB

Background: The globalization of the world economy and the newly emerged (and emerging) market economy of India has witnessed a greater use of Hindi in the Indian business world. Although, English still plays a dominant role in the inter-institutional contexts, Hindi is being used by the North Indian neo-literates in continuously expanding business contexts (in banking, railways, agribusiness, household products, medicines and medical tools, computer hardware and software etc.). Not surprisingly, practically all multinational financial institutions operating in India regularly advertise their products and services in Hindi in Hindi newspapers and on Hindi TV programs. The Business Hindi course will map, illustrate and discuss the linguistic contours of the business Hindi lexicon (created by governmental and semi-governmental institutions, print media, and TV) in a wide variety of its uses in transactional, economic, ethical and iconic/branding contexts. This course is a ground breaking study and analysis of Business Hindi in a wide variety of contexts and settings (from Metropolitan to rural). The course is very different from other business language courses, such as Business French or Business Spanish, in the uniqueness of the subject of study – the historical, political, economic, business contexts of French and Spanish is very dissimilar to that of Hindi. Secondly, the agencies and agents responsible for creating and (constantly) expanding the Business Hindi lexicon are simultaneously borrowings words and concepts from both Sanskrit and English. Finally, whereas a European business language is used in established markets of both developed and developing economies, Hindi is being used in the emerging/newly emergent market of a developing economy.

Grading: The standard UIUC grading scale would be followed.

Minor in Hindi Studies

The minor in Hindi Studies is designed for students interested in receiving training in processing and using Hindi in a wide variety of authentic (from informal to institutional) contexts. Students will be encouraged to read authentic Hindi material from different genres and registers (including Hindi print media). Completion of the minor requires at least 19 hours in applicable courses.

Hours Requirements
10 hours: Hindi language requirement
4 HNDI 404 Intermediate Hindi - II
3 HNDI 405 Advanced Hindi - I
3 HNDI 406 Advanced Hindi - II
6 hours: Two Courses in Indian Linguistics/sociolinguistics (to be chosen from the following list in consultation with advisor)
3LING 115 Language and Culture of India
3HNDI 412 Business Hindi
3LING 111 Language in Globalization
3-5 hours: One historically significant language course related to Modern Hindi or a course on Indian/South Asian Literature
4SNSK 201 Elementary Sanskrit I
4SNSK 202 Elementary Sanskrit II
5ARAB 201 Elementary Standard Arabic I
5ARAB 202 Elementary Standard Arabic II
5PERS 201 Elementary Persian I
5PERS 202 Elementary Persian II
3HNDI 408 Introduction to South Asian Literature

Students with prior knowledge of any of the languages mentioned above can also meet the 4 credit requirement by taking upper level courses of these languages.

HINDI and other South Asian Languages PROFICIENCY EXAM (FALL 2017)


TIME: 7-9 PM

LOCATION: 319 Gregory Hall

(Students are required to register for the Hindi/Urdu Proficiency exam by sending an email to the Hindi Program Director (Dr. Mithilesh Mishra): mkmishra@illinois.edu no later than by August 31, 2017)


Instructor: Mithilesh Mishra, Ph.D.
Lecturer and director,
Hindi Language Program
Department of Linguistics
4037 Foreign Languages Building
707 S. Mathews, Urbana, IL 61801

Address: Hindi Language Program
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